How to buy Guidance

Placing an order on Avucart is super easy and simple. Just follow our instruction and guide given below and you will be done.

Placing an order

Placing an order on Avucart is just the matter of few clicks. It is all about following some simple steps to complete your order. So follow the steps below:

Choose your product 

  • Proceed to the Checkout
  • Enter your Name, Telephone Number , E-mail, and delivery information
  • Choose your payment method
  • Place your order
  • Receive your order confirmation

Order confirmation information

You will receive an order confirmation e-mail depicting your order details and expected delivery date and you are done with successful order placement.

Tracking your order

You can track the current status of your order with the help of the tracking detail we provide after the item is shipped to you. We will send you the registered mail tracking details by Royal Mail (UK) Or DHL ( UK).

If the order status does not display or available in 1 or 2 days on the courier company's website after the tracking details are furnished to you, do inform us, through mail or chat support.

For any urgent order or query, you can always check your order status, cost of delivery, delivery time and other information regarding the product by sending us an email at

Placing order on Avucart without having account on it

Customers who do not have account with us, can still place the order on Avucart. Simply log in to our site, enter your e-mail and proceed without putting password in the log in option after you select the product and checkout. However, we recommend you to have an account with us, as it will be beneficial for availing the promotional offers, discounts and for repeating the future order. In case of any trouble, talk to our customer representative, they will guide you through or email us at

How to remove the item from your shopping cart?

If you want to remove or replace the item, you have put into your cart. Follow the simple steps, and you are done.   

  • Go to “cart”
  • Select the item
  • Click the delete button on the selected item

For any further information and assistance, talk to our customer support or send in your query through email, at